Become a publisher
Drive your own news-site with Skoopr which finds the headlines you tell it to look for
and delivers them using some great features, and you'll never have to lift a finger...
Delivers targeted content
about your market
Finds and attracts
new potential customers
Communicate with
your new audience
Brand your site - create a promotional platform for
your company
Sell the advertising space
Zero maintenance
"Yes really - Skoopr does ALL the work for you - but you do need to decide on the subject matter, we can't help you there..."
Six easy steps
1. Topic?What do you want your site to be about? Throw anything at us!
2. SourcesOur team will find the best sources from which to fetch your news - leave it to us.
3. Interrogation!Skoopr scrutinisess those sources until it finds the news you're looking for.
4. Big it upSee your news treated to Skoopr's awesome features.
5. Brand itWe can host your site on any url of your choosing and incorporate your brand (or create a new one).
6. Cash inSell the ad space to your clients or just use the new site to promote your services.
Cool Features
Drag and drop
Readers can configure their homepage to look exactly how they want it and then save all the changes.
Deliver the news anywhere
By email, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, embeddable widget - your readers can choose
Embeddable widget
Readers can embed your headlines on their website - but you get the traffic.
See the full set of features here
Why use Skoopr?
Skoopr matches breaking news against keyword specifications
Offers invaluable brand exposure
Customers receive free upgrades (and nobody's cancelled yet!). Not enough? Here's some more reasons...
Skoopr searches the web for your news 24-7. Never misses a beat.
Skoopr delivers ALL the news - 100% unbiased.
Your site is SEO ready, but there are other things we can do to attract visitors.
Skoopr automatically emails readers with the latest headlines.
Headlines are channeled through Twitter. Watch your following grow.
If your traffic needs a kick start, we're in partnership with a data-house that could provide the solution.