Why advertise?
We have a great relationship with our readers and sponsors.
This drives us to improve Skoopr - from creating innovative features that engage
our audience for longer, to maximising the return on investment for advertisers who
support all our hard work. See some examples below of why Skoopr
continues to attract a growing audience.
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Put the news into your own website
by using the free embeddable widget
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Headlines link to the original source
'Quick View' gives a snap-shop preview of the story without having to leave the site
Drag and drop content boxes to customise Skoopr
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The most popular stories of the week
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Add (or reduce) the number of headlines on show
Minimise content boxes to maximise available space
Some good reasons
Adverts can be delivered in up to four locations on a Skoopr site including the 'Quick View' pop-up.

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) across all Skoopr sites is 1.9% - well above the industry average of 0.3%.

Your logo will be incorporated into the site's email newsletter sent out once a week.

See an example here
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Cross site sponsorship - Get your message across the whole engineering network to gain maximum exposure... ideal for a product launch.
Freeze out your competition - take sole sponsorship of a Skoopr site. Be the only advertiser.
Let's launch together - there isn't a Skoopr site about your specific area of interest? Get in touch and let's chat - we're always looking to build partnerships and branch out into new areas.
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