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"We've just upgraded Skoopr's embeddable tools that enhance users' ability to customise their feed!"
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Skoopr matches breaking news, in near real time, against keyword-based topic specifications.

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Skoopr's aggregation engine searches thousands of websites and only returns the headlines you've asked it to look for.

Made with love
We've spent the last two years knocking Skoopr into shape by twinning our own lovingly crafted handwritten code with some fine open source contributions.
Some of our clients
WEG produces electric motors and has operations in around 100 countries, with approx 24,000 employees (2011).

Siemens is the world's largest Europe-based electronics and electrical engineering company.

Rittal is the world's leading industrial and IT enclosures manufacturer, with over 10,000 staff in 63 countries.

John Crane is a global leader, designing and manufacturing products for the oil and gas and chemical markets.
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We're Touchwave Media - a close-knit team with an innovative approach to re-working the news. We don't answer to investors or a board of directors - which means we're able to focus on our customers to deliver the best possible products. Learn more about TWM.